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Generational Recruiting: How to Tailor your Recruitment and Retention Messages for All Generations

How do you communicate internally when your workplace has employees from multiple generations?  The key is to ask the right questions, listen to what your colleagues have to say, and remember to customize your message to the right audience. But what about recruiting and retaining candidates from different generations? Should you establish a custom message depending on the age group? Should you utilize different media tactics and channels for each age group? For generational recruiting, we recommend starting with a similar approach as your internal communication: tailor your message and medium to the audience you want to reach. There are 3 current generations

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Want an Edge to your Recruiting Efforts? Innovate!

From partnerships to videos- these companies, organizations, and even provinces are learning that to be ahead of the pack, you need to innovate your recruiting. If the only source for your recruiting is on Indeed and LinkedIn, then you may want to see what the following organizations have done to innovate their talent search. Perhaps your industry hasn’t been as hard hit as the trades or medicine, but eventually, the pool of qualified candidates becomes smaller. As they say: Keep fishing in the same pond… eventually, you run out! Partnerships  When you hear CFL, you think football and the Grey

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Expect to see these 5 recruitment trends continue in 2022

Wouldn’t it be nice to gaze into a crystal ball and accurately predict what 2022 has in store for recruitment? If we look at the last 2 years as any indication, recruitment changed overnight. Virtual interviewing and remote work became the norm.  With those changes came a new set of organizational challenges. How do we address company culture? How do we keep our employees engaged? How do we attract new employees? As the pandemic rages on with new variants, companies must put their best foot forward to “win” in a marketplace that is candidate-driven with a shortage of skilled talent.

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Ontario becomes the first province to enact Employee-Friendly Legislation prohibiting non-competes and the right to disconnect

On November 30, 2021, the Ontario legislature passed Bill 27, Working for Workers Act, 2021 Known as “employer-friendly” legislation because it addressed employment regulations that were deemed too restrictive (non-compete agreements) and created legislation (right to disconnect) to address the often-blurred line between work and home life. The amendments received Royal Assent on December 2, 2021; however, different parts of the Bill will come into effect at different times.   A) Prohibiting Non-compete agreements-effective on December 2, 2021.   Bill 27 amends the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (called the “ESA”), which prohibits employers from binding an employee to any form of a non-compete

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The impact of having an employer brand is real-and its effects on recruitment undeniable Employer branding is how you “market” your company to potential candidates AND internal employees. Companies with strong employer brands enjoy many benefits in terms of bottom-line impact, candidate attraction, and return on investment. Research from LinkedIn has shown that companies with positive employer brands have new hires that are 40% less likely to leave after the first 6 months. It’s undeniable that the fight for talent is not going anywhere and your branding impacts whether qualified candidates will decide to join your team or your competitors.

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Your Approach to Recruiting Matters

You’ve most likely heard the term, “The Great Resignation”. With so many open roles and candidates, it almost sounds like a dream come true. Except, it isn’t If you are currently recruiting you know what a tough labour market we are in, and that the talent competition is heating up. What can you do to make you stand apart- give you that competitive edge? It’s all in your approach to recruiting. Transactional or Consultative. The Transactional vs Consultative approach to recruiting A transactional recruiter tends to focus on the present moment with a focus on speed. Their time and efforts

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“Today’s recruiter must be a marketer, sales person, career coach and psychologist all in one. But, at the core of it all, recruiters have to know their own company, work with hiring managers, and really know how to assess people. If they can bring this all together, they can be superstars in their organization.”

Josh Bersin

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