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Connecting Beyond the Resume: Why a Personal Touch Matters in Recruiting

Technology is rapidly changing. How do we live and work in today’s fast-paced world? Manyindustries, including recruiting, have been significantly impacted by automation and artificialintelligence (AI) advances. While these tools can undoubtedly streamline processes and improve efficiency, it’s importantnot to lose sight of the importance of a personal touch in recruiting. Now that we have so many technological options, it’s important to remember that hiring is as much about the people as the process. Recruiting is ultimately about building relationships with candidates, understanding their skillsand experience, and finding the best fit for both the candidate and the company. A personal

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3 Tips to Save Money & Time on Recruiting!

The arduous process of recruiting new talent can be both lengthy and taxing for employers.From sourcing potential applicants to conducting interviews, filtering out the best candidatesfrom among them – all in just a few days! Yet, despite overcoming such hurdles as finding suitable candidates, screening them properlyand expediting the hiring process – we still encounter issues like poor hires, underperformingemployees and low employee morale levels within our workforce. With a thorough understanding of your company’s requirements and culture and an effectiverecruitment strategy, you can streamline the hiring process while maximizing employeeretention rates. To ensure the best recruitment outcomes, it is

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Hire Quickly! The KEY to Success in a Candidate-Driven Market

Hiring quickly is essential to success in a candidate-driven market, and these are5  top strategies to help you speed up your hiring process. Recruiting quickly doesn’t mean you have to abandon your hiring standards, but itDOES mean that you have to move fast. High demand means competition. Demand for talent continues to increase while the actual supply of skilled talent isdecreasing. This is especially true for “future critical” work, where the need farexceeds supply, such as in machine learning, cybersecurity, and quantumcomputing supply. Decreasing supply and high demand equal tough competition! Organizations that want to win by securing top talent must

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Talent Sourcing Success- using Social Media & Emerging Tech

If you had to name one thing as your biggest hiring headache, what would it be? According to a recent Great Place to Work and CareerBuilder study, the number one source offrustration for businesses is finding qualified applicants. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of respondentssaid this is their biggest challenge is recruiting new employees. One reason is that many more qualified candidates are available than ever. In addition, thanksto the power of social media and other digital technologies, job seekers can easily connect withpotential employers and share their skills and experiences. This makes it easier for businessesto find the right people for the

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Top 5 Recruitment Trends

Every year brings unique challenges to recruiting, and 2023 is shaping up to be no different!  Here are 5 trends that you need to be aware of and prepared for: AI plays a significant role in how we interact with candidates, Generation Z has entered the workforce, and the gig economy continues to expand. Candidates now expect interaction that resonates with their desired organizational brand, meaning they want a tangible purpose in relation to it. Recognizing these five trends and implementing the corresponding adjustments can help you attract superior candidates, retain talent, and remain one step ahead of the competition!

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What If There Was A BETTER Way To Recruit?

What if there was a better way to hire? One that targets passive candidates and gets them to apply to your positions enthusiastically? Is that possible? The answer is YES!  Introducing Jobilla-a candidate led-digital marketing recruiting that FINDS your ideal candidate and entices them to apply. Let’s face it; traditional recruiting is on its way out. For good reason-you rarely get the results you need or even desire, primarily when you have high-volume recruiting needs. Jobilla allows you to attract A+ candidates in a cost-effective and timely manner.  But don’t just take our word for it-We asked our clients to

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“Today’s recruiter must be a marketer, sales person, career coach and psychologist all in one. But, at the core of it all, recruiters have to know their own company, work with hiring managers, and really know how to assess people. If they can bring this all together, they can be superstars in their organization.”

Josh Bersin

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