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Meet Krista Wright, Owner

Operator of Recruiting Concepts
I believe that the key to success for me personally has been the following:

Being a great listener.
Being truly interested in people.
Reading books. Taking notes.
Being focused on professional and personal self-development.
Being a passionate natural connector of people.

I have a great supportive family. I love going to concerts, golfing, and practicing yoga. I love  going to great restaurants. I love great food and wine and  cooking for family and friends in my kitchen with great tunes playing!  It has been wonderful to be traveling again!

If you are looking for a Recruiter to assist you with your hiring needs, here is a bit about my philosophy.

Nearly 20 years in the recruitment industry as a headhunter has taught me that hiring is often a very personal and emotional decision on both sides. Through the Executive Search style interviews I have conducted over the span of my recruiting career, I have spoken with candidates from many industries and stages of their careers. One common theme is that most have had at least one terrible job and at least one really awful boss in their career journey. We pay very careful attention to these insights as the goal is to help direct job seekers to follow their passions and align with people that inspire and motivate them. This is where the adage of “Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” comes into play.

I believe recruiting is essentially marketing; progressive companies these days need to look at recruiting as an extension of their marketing efforts and learn to promote themselves as desirable employers to draw top talent their way.  It is essential nowadays to create a positive experience for candidates in an interview process.  Loyalty has to be earned by Recruiters. Recruiting Concepts provides a smooth, authentic and honest interaction throughout. This level of engagement includes honest talk, coaching and advisement and follow through so candidates & clients know where things are at in the process at all times. 

I have spent years having these conversations with people to ascertain what job seekers are looking for and why they left past employers. As someone who views myself as a Connector, staying on top of these motivating factors has been key to my success as a Recruitment Strategist of a professional recruitment agency.  

The costs associated with a bad hire are quite staggering; recent research would suggest that it can be as high as 30% of their annual salary and doesn’t touch on how it impacts the team morale and productivity with just one ‘bad apple’. To mitigate risk is to take a methodical approach when hiring; be clear on the duties and expectations of the role you are hiring for before you start. Define the key performance objectives for the role being hired for so that you can properly motivate and incentivize employees to show their worth and have impact on the company. Build in some measures to ensure alignments with team dynamics and company philosophies, add in some testing and background reference checks. Is this enough? Not always. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely!

Crafting a recruitment strategy is paramount to long term success with hiring. I talk to a lot of business owners and hiring managers about their past hiring decisions and practices and what they feel have been their successes and their failures. I take stock in both in order to plan the strategy on how to find the best person to add to their team.

New research reveals that 52% of interviewers make their decision about a candidate in between 5 and 15 minutes of the interview. In my recruitment consulting practice, I have noted that people have a tendency to hire people they like; more simply, the ones they find common ground with. This is of course following a determination that the core functional and technical skills for the job are evident.

I am often asked what type of recruiting I specialize in. Assisting companies with challenging and/or difficult to fulfill hiring needs with a more narrow scope to the fit criteria is the wheelhouse I am in. I bring recruitment solutions to the table and our targeted industries sectors often include; Manufacturing, Technical Industrial, Engineering, Service sector, Construction, Food and Food Production, Legal, IT, Insurance, Not for Profit, and I’m always interested in learning about new segments.