Boost Your Business with BNI: Meet an Entrepreneur Transforming the Virtual Assistance Space

When it comes to networking and business growth, there’s no organization quite like BNI. For
those of you who may not be familiar, BNI is the largest business networking organization in the
world, offering members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts, and, most importantly,
business referrals.

Our local chapter, to which I proudly belong, stands out for its strong sense of community, a
diverse range of industries, and commitment to the philosophy ‘Givers Gain’.

Here, collaboration over competition is the rule, not the exception.

In my time with BNI, I’ve had the privilege of building relationships with many dynamic business
owners. One such entrepreneur is my friend, Tyler Cameron. If you’ve been searching for a way
to streamline your operations, Tyler’s company, wrksourcing, is worth your time.

It’s the perfect example of a business we often refer to within our chapter, thanks to its ethos and exceptional services.

Tyler isn’t just another name in the business arena. He brings authenticity and passion to the
table with his roots in a small-town community and a proven track record in the virtual
assistant space (he’s also the mind behind DadSourcing).

When you talk to Tyler, you instantly feel that Wrksourcing isn’t just a business for him; it’s a
personal mission.

Tyler truly cares about your success and has the business acumen to help you achieve it.

Wrksourcing is all about getting to know you and your business needs – not just the superficial
stuff, but the nitty-gritty, ‘keeping-you-awake-at-2 AM’ type of challenges.

Whether you’re a start-up just finding your feet or an established company needing a bit of
extra support, Tyler and his team are ready to jump in and offer tailored assistance.

These days we all know how important flexibility is. Wrksourcing has got you covered whether
you need a one-off project managed or long-term assistance.

Tyler’s approach with Wrksourcing is about transforming businesses, not just maintaining them.
The company’s mission is driven by a genuine desire to help you surpass your goals and enjoy
what you’ve built.

I’ve referred several business clients to Wrksourcing, and the feedback has always been
overwhelmingly positive.

Who wouldn’t appreciate having more time to focus on business growth while someone reliable handles those pesky administrative tasks?

So, if you’re feeling the strain of trying to do it all, take this as your sign to reach out to Tyler at
Wrksourcing. A conversation with him might be the key to taking your business to the next

And remember, networking is all about giving – so even if you don’t need his services right
now, keep Wrksourcing in mind for others in your network. You’ll be doing them a big favour!

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