Do you struggle with “tough to fulfill” technical positions? Let our Recruiters help you hire smarter and faster.

Staffing Administration Support

As a recruitment firm, we support staffing administration by providing customized job postings for targeted searches. We then proceed with Recruitment Marketing tools that include interactive job ads to encourage our desired audience to apply.

As a final layer before hiring, we obtain employment references and offer a full spectrum of hiring related back checks.

Some clients need our support with employment references and background checks alone. We are happy to provide this service to compliment our client’s own independent recruiting efforts.

Additionally, we love representing clients at job fairs, conducting campus recruiting, liaising with industry trade associations all to make the best connections possible to attract your talent.
In order to meet any specialized requirements, we may refer or engage other consultants who have deeper expertise in a particular aspect of HR to complete the necessary work. This may include: overall Human Resource expertise, training & development, employment benefits & health spending accounts, workplace harassment audits, workplace mental health & disability assessments etc. We love to make these connections for your business.

We maintain a structured system to make sure that our hires are the best and deliver exactly what the companies are looking for.

**Important Information**

It has come to our attention that spam text/SMS notifications are being sent to the Recruiting Concepts community. If you receive a message from individuals who claim to be one of our team members and have a job offering for you, please be advised this is a spam notification. We urge you to delete the notification and block the phone number immediately.

At Recruiting Concepts, we prioritize your privacy and promise to only communicate with you via professional channels. We are working diligently to rectify this issue. Thank you for your patience and ongoing support.