Recruiting Simplified.

Consider this: A successful hire is generally determined, when the person hired shows on the job success by consistently and successfully getting the job done with the least amount of direction.

About Recruiting Concepts

Recruiting Concepts is a professional Recruitment Agency in Burlington Ontario supporting companies with their challenging to fulfill technical staffing needs. If you have exhausted your efforts and need to find
a Recruiter for your employee hiring needs, we are here to help you! We specialize in providing recruitment solutions and staffing support to companies that have a high degree of complexity to their hiring requirements. Recruiting Concepts provides a strategic and highly consultative approach to hiring while incorporating both headhunting & specialized marketing/advertising techniques to identify talent with the industry specific skills and personality style conducive to the company’s culture.

Our Services

Recruitment Consulting

Recruiting Concepts provides full headhunting services leaving no parameter untouched to find the best suitable candidate for your company’s needs.

Digital Headhunting

Digital Headhunting is a solution for companies for which posting a job advertisement or browsing a resume from a database is not enough.

Staffing Administration Support

As a recruitment firm, we support the staffing administration by providing customized job postings for targeted searches.

Psychometric Assessment Tools

To further support your overall Recruitment Strategic Plan and Human Resources objectives ...

Our Blog

Revolutionizing Recruitment

Revolutionizing Recruitment: Jobilla’s Digital Headhunting – The Answer to Traditional Recruiting Challenges Picture a business owner, mired in a pile of resumes, hoping to uncover