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Psychometric Assessment Tools

POP™ - Predictor of Performance

POP™ assessments use science and advanced statistical methods to help you with your selection, training, and development decisions in a wide variety of industries and roles. Customize any of our POP™ personality assessments with validated add-ons: Integrity, Trust, Positive Person Inventory, Emotional Quotient, Fluid Intelligence Test, Diversityand Inclusion, Cognitive Skills, and Biographics. Scientifically validated, available in 40 languages helping you to select candidates best suited for success while improving retention. Applicable for a wide variety of industries and roles including:
  • Sales
  • Hospitality
  • Management
  • Executive
  • Administrative
  • Professional
  • Service
  • Contact Centre & Many more

Extended DISC® Assessment

The Extended DISC® assessment is a web-based tool to help individuals and organizations identify, understand, and promote successful behaviors. The DISC® profile gives people a common language to better understand themselves and to find the most successful way to communicate with prospects, clients, and internal team members. Extended DISC® Team Reports are highly valuable in a team environment to understand team dynamics and help members self-adjust to achieve the desired goals.

Devine Inventory Assessments

A customizable, scalable web-based tool for the analysis of individuals and teams. It gives business owners and managers a great advantage in hiring and retaining the best people, achieving peak performance from individuals and succession planning. The Devine Inventory assessments provide employers with data to support the lifecycle of the employee from pre-employment to separation.

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