Want to Create Employee Engagement? Start by Focusing on Wellness.

What do creative spaces, business coaching and customized lessons have in common? They are some of the creative ways that businesses are ensuring the well-being of their staff.

Employees want to feel connected, appreciated and engaged. The challenge is how do you accomplish that with staff that work remotely, hybrid or at the office. The easiest place to begin is with the workspace itself.

Workplace Design

Often referred to as environmental psychology, how a workspace is designed both in the office and at home can have a great impact on both productivity and general well-being.

As Erika Mackay from nichefordesign says:

Your space is a valuable tool for promoting physical and mental well-being.  The thoughtful design of; lighting, acoustics, colour, and even incorporation of nature, can create an environment that will help your team perform at their best

Incorporating ergonomics into your design can decrease the number of claims stemming from improper workplace setups. This is especially true for those that find themselves working from home. Many work from kitchen tables or sit for hours in chairs not designed for that purpose.  By reviewing all staff’s workspaces, you ensure that they are working safely.

Don’t forget your employer brand includes your workspace. Showcasing your office environment can visually demonstrate your culture and values and both attract and retain your employees.

Business Coaching

Many owners and managers have experienced burnout. Many of the processes, procedures and schedules that were used pre-pandemic simply aren’t relevant now.

What has risen in importance is the ability to communicate to ensure flexibility, agility, and collaboration within your team. Working with a personal coach and mentor can often help owners and managers in developing new strategies and ensuring their organization and team’s success.

As Dan Holstein from Kaizenperformance says:

If you want to change your business results, you need a different plan. The first thing we do when we get started is to develop your strategic alignment plan. This is a process where we define your long-range objectives, both personally and for the business. We’ll focus on you too, and identify where you need to develop, to become the leader that will take your business forward to achieve your goals.

Healthy habits challenge

Just because you can start working in your pj’s from bed, doesn’t mean you should. Working from home has often led to blurred lines and the development of bad habits.

Some organizations have developed online programs that challenge their employees to create and track their healthy habits. They offer guidance and access to programs through their EFAP (employee/family assistance programs) that help employees develop life-changing habits.

Some employers provide on-site therapeutic services for the management of musculoskeletal injuries.

As Dwayne Dunnhill of 3D health solutions says:

Offering employees the opportunity to engage in services such as chiropractic, physiotherapy and RMT services on site keeps your team safe, healthy and happy in the workplace. By providing our services right on site we are able to provide the highest level of accessibility

Another way organizations are creating wellness opportunities is by offering customized lessons in activities they already enjoy or have always wanted to try like golf.

Far Samji from SmashingGolf says:

Smashing offers a variety of skill-building workshops and retreats designed to make the game easier and more fun to play. Golf is a great way to build networks and relationships whether it is for personal or business reasons. Playing better golf leaves you feeling more confident and willing to say “yes” to opportunities to make connections.

At the end of the day, the more you do to help your employees stay well, the more you and your team will benefit. If you are in the stages of creating a recruitment plan or need assistance with a difficult hire, then we would love to chat!