Self-Love in the Workplace – It’s Not What You Think!

With February being the month of love the focus tends to be on romantic love, but there is a more critical kind of love-and that is self-love. Taking care of yourself is just like putting on your oxygen mask on a crashing airplane, necessary for your health and safety.

To be clear, when we’re talking about self-love in the workplace, we’re referring to the care and keeping of you, so you can be the best you and better for those around you, too

Negative self-judgment can undermine job performance and increase stress. In contrast, self-compassion—the loving-kindness, supportive treatment toward yourself during job challenges, personal shortcomings, and professional setbacks—is a more potent career advancement tool.

Studies from the University of Wisconsin show the more self-compassion you have, the greater your emotional arsenal.

So how can you practice self-love at work?


You wouldn’t dream of speaking to a loved one the way you treat yourself: calling yourself names, attacking yourself for the minor human slip-ups, disbelieving in yourself- enough to give up on your goals.

When you’re feeling down or in pain, harsh words such as, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself,” or “There are people worse off than you,” or “Get a grip!” can worsen your distress.

Give yourself a pep talk, encourage yourself. Everyone faces setbacks in their career or life. How you talk to yourself during these times can make a huge difference in how quickly you bounce back from adversity.


Instead of just moving along to the next goal, try keeping track of your successes and take the time to savour them.

Create a Gmail folder to keep all the positive emails and comments from clients and colleagues. That way, it is all in one place and on the days, you face challenges, you can refer to them and give yourself a much-needed mental boost.

Keeping track of your KPIs is a great way to stay focused on your goals and provides you with encouragement and celebration when you succeed in attaining them.

Keeping a work journal can positively impact your productivity, and it helps you remember all the great things you’ve done for your company.


Take the time to celebrate your accomplishments!

You can celebrate with a quick dance party, an office tradition, or even a celebratory latte. Taking the time to celebrate your achievements is essential because it helps you achieve.

Some offices have fun celebrations where employees win company prizes and personal awards for accomplishments and living out our company values.

These celebrations increase company morale, make people feel recognized for their hard work, and contribute to the company culture.

Practicing self-love has so many benefits. It gives you an ability to bounce back after failure, increased positivity when overcoming obstacles and more confidence in reaching challenging goals with limited resources.

Show yourself some self-love this year-you’ll see the benefits both in and out of the office.

Happy Love Month from all of us at Recruiting Concepts!