Talent Sourcing Success- using Social Media & Emerging Tech

If you had to name one thing as your biggest hiring headache, what would it be?

According to a recent Great Place to Work and CareerBuilder study, the number one source of
frustration for businesses is finding qualified applicants. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of respondents
said this is their biggest challenge is recruiting new employees.

One reason is that many more qualified candidates are available than ever. In addition, thanks
to the power of social media and other digital technologies, job seekers can easily connect with
potential employers and share their skills and experiences. This makes it easier for businesses
to find the right people for the right positions but creates a lot of competition.

Despite an abundance of opportunities to find the perfect talent, some of the most common
frustrations that companies describe are:

  1. Lack of qualified resumes. 
  2. Low response to online job postings. 
  3. Engaging qualified candidates 
  4. Hiring Fast
  5. Ensuring a good candidate experience

Where to Source

One of the biggest frustrations when recruiting is sourcing qualified candidates for a specific
position. Many companies rely on online job boards and classified ads, but this can be time-
consuming and frustrating.

It is important to remember that not all candidates are advertised or listed on job boards. Many
talented individuals do not know they are qualified for a particular position until they stumble
upon it!

Jobilla is a digital, candidate-driven talent acquisition firm that uses social media and the best
marketing strategies to assist companies in reaching, attracting, activating, and hiring
candidates – whether they are currently employed or not – in a way that is optimized for both
the candidate and the recruiter. In 2022, the company processed over 283,000 candidates for
2,465 companies in more than 40 countries.

Finding the Right Candidate

Another common challenge when recruiting is finding the right person for the job. Many
companies need help with the idea of assessing candidates objectively and deciding based on
qualifications alone. To be successful with talent sourcing, it is essential to remember that not
all employees are created equal.

Hiring Quickly

For many companies, swiftly evaluating potential employees can be an arduous undertaking.
After all, assessing candidates within a brief period often results in overlooking applicants that
would have been a great choice.

With the Jobilla platform, applicants can apply for jobs on their phones in less than three
minutes, and the recruiter receives candidates automatically classified based on their
suitability for the position thanks to Jobilla’s AI-powered candidate filtering. Jobilla aims to
remove obstacles from the candidate’s path one click at a time by analyzing up to 35 different
metrics from the recruitment funnel.

Social Media and emerging technology

If you find yourself experiencing any of the following difficulties when searching for ideal
candidates, then it may be advantageous to evaluate how you source them. Due to AI
advances, many innovative ways are available to expedite hiring decisions while maximizing
quality and efficiency simultaneously!

Some of the most effective methods include social media and emerging technology. Companies
can reach a wider audience and quickly assess candidates using these platforms.


Another great way to source talent is through online video recruitment channels. With YouTube
and other video hosting sites, employers can post short videos that describe the company and
its culture. Candidates interested in working at this company can submit their resumes via the
video submission feature.

Employers should also remember to use social media to engage with candidates.

Engagement starts with the first point of contact and should flow seamlessly throughout the
entire recruitment process. One company that delivers on that premise and more is Jobilla.

Emerging AI Technology

Jobilla creates cost-efficient, “scalable recruitment campaigns” which utilize social media to
reach out to ideal candidates and filter suitability through a short series of qualifying questions
via easy-to-use, mobile-optimized forms.

Precision Home & Office deliveries, an ASL Distribution division, faced considerable challenges
in hiring courier drivers. Unfortunately, despite utilizing various job boards, the results did not
meet the demand. So, Precision Home & Office Deliveries turned to us for help.

We used Jobilla to create a compelling and precise recruiting campaign. Which resulted in the

28,387 PASSIVE candidates seeing their message

797 requests for more information

Generating 127 responses

For a total of 21 A+ candidates

And all within a mere two-week period!

One of the unique features of developing a campaign with Jobilla is its ability to target passive
candidates specifically; most often, they are different from the same group who are actively
applying for jobs and searching job boards to find opportunities.

With so many talented individuals, you must use all available resources to find suitable
candidates. However, you can quickly assess candidates and decide by utilizing social media and
emerging technology.

Finally, employers should always remember to have fun when recruiting! By adopting a
lighthearted approach, companies can create a more favourable environment for hiring.

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