Hire Quickly! The KEY to Success in a Candidate-Driven Market

Hiring quickly is essential to success in a candidate-driven market, and these are
5  top strategies to help you speed up your hiring process.

Recruiting quickly doesn’t mean you have to abandon your hiring standards, but it
DOES mean that you have to move fast.

High demand means competition.

Demand for talent continues to increase while the actual supply of skilled talent is
decreasing. This is especially true for “future critical” work, where the need far
exceeds supply, such as in machine learning, cybersecurity, and quantum
computing supply.

Decreasing supply and high demand equal tough competition!

Organizations that want to win by securing top talent must incorporate an agile
recruiting approach. Deciding to hire quickly involves not only a review of your
hiring processes but equally important is an understanding of the WHY behind the

Start with the “WHY” of hiring quickly.

The first thing to recognize is the importance of WHY you should hire quickly.

Knowing the reasons behind your decision to hire quickly provides insights and
clarity around what needs to be updated in your hiring practices.

These are the 5 reasons WHY you should speed up your hiring process:

Higher Quality Candidates. Hiring quickly means you secure the higher quality
candidates before your competition does. Top candidates are usually interviewing
with multiple companies, so if you can snag them early on, your chances of
landing them increase.

Save money and resources with fast hiring. If you make an offer to a candidate
before they are presented with another, the salary will be lower – making it
possible to afford higher-quality talent. On the other hand, waiting too long may
result in the competition offering better compensation packages which could lead
to a bidding war, ultimately increasing the overall cost of hire.

Speed means fewer losses of in-demand candidates. If your hiring process is
slow, top candidates will drop out of the running or “ghost” you in frustration. In
addition, they will often share their experiences with their friends as they job
hunt, which can result in negative impressions of your company’s culture.

Slow hiring means only the average remains. Once you lose the top candidates
and they drop out of the running, you only have lower-performing talent left to
choose from.

Higher response rate/acceptance rate: In a recent study, prompt follow-ups
dramatically enhance candidates’ response rates. Candidates are thrilled to be
contacted quickly. This keeps your top candidates tied into your process and can
avoid them looking elsewhere.

Now that you know the WHY behind quickly hiring, it’s time to review your
recruitment process and see where you can cut down the time it takes to
screen, interview, and offer a position.

Identify WHERE applicants are.

ATS and recruiting software like Jobilla can be game changers for managing high-
volume recruiting. By identifying where candidates are applying and contacting
them there, you can shorten the screening process and reach out to those who
may be a good fit for your company.

Create an automated process for following up. A timely recruitment process
should have a designated person or team who will follow up with candidates as
soon as they apply or when requested. Automated follow-ups help keep your
recruiting pipeline clean and organized, making it easier to find the best talent
without wasting time.

Automate interview scheduling. Interview scheduling can be time-consuming
and nightmarish if you have several interviews to organize with multiple
departments. Having interviewee schedules programmed into your recruitment
software will help you manage this process by ensuring that all interviews are
scheduled at specific times.

Predicting when the best time to contact a candidate is essential.

Utilizing ATS or other recruiting software can help identify when a particular
candidate may be most” receptive” to communication. Then, contacting them at
that moment increases the chance of making a connection and landing that

Analyze the Results- Keep track of the changes you make and analyze your hiring
results to ensure that you are hiring quickly and attracting top candidates.

Consider asking recent hires for their insights and feedback!

You’re less likely to lose the best candidates when you hire quickly. By following
up with candidates promptly and automating your process, you can decrease the
time it takes to fill a position and ensure you’re hiring the best talent!

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