The Candidate Experience – Why it’s Essential and How to Create One

What is a candidate experience?

What does it take to create a great candidate experience? First, let’s define what a candidate’s experience is.

How do candidates feel about your company once they experience your hiring process?

This is especially important if you hire external recruiters to aid you.

Why does a great candidate matter?

It is vital to consider how your potential new hire feels during the hiring process because, good or bad those feelings will influence candidates’ decision to apply to your company or accept your job offer.


If they have a great experience, they will likely tell their friends and family even when they aren’t hired. This positive feedback helps further develop your employer brand, and they will most likely be interested in re-applying for another opportunity, which saves you time and money.

On the other hand, if their experience is poor, demonstrated by lack of communication or a lengthy process, they will tell their friends and family and perhaps even post their experiences online through Glassdoor or other channels.

How to ensure a great candidate experience

It comes down to communication. Knowing what you are looking for ensures that the candidate is kept in the loop during the whole process, regardless of the outcome. By following the five steps outlined below, you can ensure that your candidate feels optimistic about the experience and ultimately builds on your employer brand.

  1. Be organized
  2. Clear and updated Job Description
  3. Follow up early and often
  4. Communicate at every stage of the process
  5. Give your full attention during interviews

At Recruiting Concepts, we build solid and long-lasting relationships with our clients, be they the companies we recruit for or the candidates we help place. We do this by ensuring that the candidate and client are communicated throughout the process.

Don’t take our word for it! One recent candidate we had the pleasure of working with is Teresa. Please listen to what she had to say about working with Krista and Recruiting Concepts.

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