Want an Edge to your Recruiting Efforts? Innovate!

From partnerships to videos- these companies, organizations, and even provinces are learning that to be ahead of the pack, you need to innovate your recruiting.

If the only source for your recruiting is on Indeed and LinkedIn, then you may want to see what the following organizations have done to innovate their talent search.

Perhaps your industry hasn’t been as hard hit as the trades or medicine, but eventually, the pool of qualified candidates becomes smaller. As they say:

Keep fishing in the same pond… eventually, you run out!


 When you hear CFL, you think football and the Grey Cup. What you wouldn’t immediately jump to is a pool of potential candidates. And yet, the CBTU (Canada’s Building Trades Union) has developed a partnership with the CFL Players Association, and it makes perfect sense.

Many of the players have a very short career as compared to the NFL, typically 3 years, with many in their early 20’s. When they are coming close to the end of their CFL career, the CBTU reaches out to highlight the training and career opportunities in the trades.

“We need people in the construction industry, and we’re doing whatever we can through a variety of different measures to get more entrants to the construction industry, and this is a unique and very promising opportunity,” 

Sean Strickland, executive director of CBTU in Ottawa

Virtual Recruiting

 What is the biggest obstacle that most candidates face? It turns out “not knowing what it’s like to work there is number one. Prince Edward Island took this information and is now using VR (Virtual Reality) to highlight the advantages of living/working in their province and what it has to offer. This gives potential candidates a much richer experience and a better viewpoint of living and working in PEI.

Nova Scotia is using VR to attract Doctors to the province.. Physicians who are considering a career in NS can walk through simulated halls of some of the province’s healthcare facilities and landmarks to experience a three-dimensional exposure to what it is like to live and work in the province.

Social Recruiting

Generational preferences directly affect recruitment strategies and yet many organizations still use the same old sourcing methods.

it’s time to recognize the characteristics that set gen Z apart from their predecessors,” says Joelle Smith, chief experience officer at First Advantage.

Gen Z is already in the workplace and Generation (Alpha) is right behind them, currently interning or obtaining their first job and they have a very different view on the use of technology.

Hamilton-based; Felton Brushes Ltd. Brush Company, recognized that to “tap into the most brilliant minds of the future” they had to first attract potential co-op students to their program. Through a  promotional video, they were able to capture what makes their co-op program so unique and appealing. Part of the program includes the use of a centrally located and beautifully furnished Felton Student home for out-of-town students.

Check out their awesome video:  Felton Brushes Recruiting Video Ad Campaign – Co-op

Recruitment is an ever-evolving practice-and those that succeed are the ones who recognize when it’s time to innovate and act on those creative ideas. If you are developing your recruitment strategy, we would love to contribute. Let’s chat!

Recruiting Concepts Inc. would like to thank Felton Brushes Ltd. for the use of their video as an example of innovative hiring practices.