Smart employers understand something you may not: Recruiting is Marketing.

A remarkable thing is happening in the staffing industry.  Recruiting has been repositioned into a company’s overall Marketing Strategy.

Think about that for a moment. Leading companies, your competitors, think it is as important to attract new talented people as it is to garner more customers.

I know what you’re thinking. All the better for me. I will concentrate on the customers.

Except that you can’t. You’re too busy with the daily headaches that comes with trying to find the talented, committed  people who will drive your business forward.


In the race to attract the brightest, the smartest the best, the game has forever changed. Traditional job descriptions are boring, archaic and do nothing to entice people to apply.

Applicant tracking systems annoy job seekers. Statistics show that if the application process gets too technical and takes too long, job searchers  abort.

The candidate experience is being studied, measured and shaped. Resources such as Glassdoor employee reviews pull talented candidates toward or away from companies, maybe your company.

Big firms are beating you to talented people through their website’s career sections. They are using social media to do the heavy lifting.  Instead of the company sifting through candidates, the talented candidates are using a company’s online presence to evaluate that firm.

That’s great news for you. Great potential employees are doing their own pre-selection. They are looking for companies whose values align with theirs. If you know how to attract them, the best candidates will come to you and they will arrive pre-sold on what makes them want to work for you.

I love the creativity and the momentum behind this change. Here’s what you need to understand.

  • Job descriptions are being replaced with impactful marketing pieces which allow people to easily apply using their phones.
  • Research is being collected on the psychology of job seekers, the science behind talent attraction and what motivates people to apply.
  • Creating an experience for potential employees is key; providing follow up and feedback is all part of conveying your company’s brand to the universe. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HIRE THEM, THESE CANDIDATES MAY TRUMPET YOUR COMPANY’S VIRTUES ON THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA. You can gain traction in your market and create brand ambassadors without even hiring them.

Recruitment videos and employee testimonials give employees a day-in-the-life glimpse of the company and attract the perfect person to the team.

There has never been more ways to recruit talented people. The trick is to know what those people are looking for.

Our mission at Recruiting Concepts is to connect you with employees who are a perfect fit for your business.

We do that by helping you develop a recruitment marketing strategy that utilizes the most powerful recruitment tools.

If hiring the right person has taken several tries, if you are exhausted by the hiring process, if every time you fill a key position means reinventing the wheel…stop.

We’ll create a repeatable process specific to your company and your industry. We’ll get you the right employee at the right price point.

Relax. We’ve got this. It’s what we do.