Recruit Faster Hire Better

Recruit Faster. Hire Better with Jobilla

What if you could hire faster and better than your competition-even in today’s tight labour market!


Enter Jobilla, a recruiting software that allows you to reach that elusive 75% passive candidate market while saving you time and money. Designed with the candidates’ point of view, Jobilla reaches candidates through social media integration and lead generation tools that lure them in with interesting content about you and your organization.


“Traditional methods of recruiting only get you ¼ of the potential candidates available”


Often the best candidates for your position are the ones already employed. Jobilla uses unique ways of reaching those potential candidates using engaging technology and through their matching system, they pick the BEST candidates based on their answers.


No more sifting through countless resumes, wasting time and money, only to find the candidates aren’t qualified!


We would be happy to explain how Jobilla can work for you! Make an appointment with our Canadian Jobilla specialist

-Krista Wright