Proud to be a part of Food4Kids


I’m so proud to be a member of the Board of Directors for Food4Kids.  Approximately 5 years ago I had a chance meet up with the Executive Director of F4K. This was right around the time that the idea for a weekend food program in Hamilton Halton was taking shape.  I’m grateful that our paths intersected and ultimately it lead me to this amazing organization. I have a page dedicated on my website to this charity because we are doing great impactful work in the community to ensure to that no child goes hungry.

There are many fantastic breakfast & snack programs in our schools which ensure that any young person living in disadvantaged homes can put food in their bellies and be able to concentrate in school.  Food4Kids picked up where these programs left off to address these same children who were going home on the weekends to little to no access to food. A multitude of reasons why, completely eye opening for me.  Mental illness, addiction, divorce, loss of job, illness & death in the family can take a family who is making it and tip them off the edge.


I participate in many public awareness events and speaking engagements and have really enjoyed this community interaction.  I have been to public schools, colleges, neighbourhood picnics, corporate engagements, galas & golf tournaments and no matter where I show up on behalf of Food4Kids, I see people who care and want to help out.  We are proud to say that we now have no kids on the waiting list for our food package program in Halton.  Hamilton area the numbers are growing; we are feeding over 1500 kids now with over 300 on the waitlist.  Food4Kids Ontario has  been established and new programs are opening up in other communities using the same model.  We are proud of the growth but continually reminded that more and more families are in a situation of need.  We are not fixing poverty but rather alleviating through the support of amazing schools, amazing volunteers and a committed team.

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