COVID-19 has changed the face of recruitment-Is your organization prepared?

Sooner than anyone could have predicted, COVID-19 changed our world at work. It disrupted workplace culture, accelerated the need for strategic initiatives in talent management and altered recruitment and talent retention dramatically.

To keep ahead, recruitment must be agile to best position your organization ahead of uncertainty. But how?

The following three areas are key as you build your recruitment strategy: core skills, workplace culture and technology.

Basic candidate requirements such as cultural fit, strong communication skills, the ability to work in teams and have a growth mindset, haven’t changed in this environment-but it’s the addition of new skills such as the ability to self-direct and technical skills that are now crucial-as remote work becomes the new norm for the foreseeable future.

Workplace culture drastically changed in the face of remote work. At a management level they must provide clearer direction and more guidance at the beginning of projects, they are acutely aware of the impact of self-isolation and mental health (there is a reason why they have solitary confinement in prison). All of this necessitates the need to develop or redefine workplace culture that recognizes boundaries of work and home.

Collaborative technologies such as screen-sharing, video conferencing, shared file storage, digital whiteboards, smartphone chat groups—are both freely available and sophisticated. Organizations have had to revisit… “it’s just better to do it face-to-face.”

Reviewing what new skills are needed for your potential new hires, recognizing and communicating how your workplace culture has changed and embracing the new technologies are all part of having a successful recruitment strategy.

If this seems daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Recruiting Concepts has 20 years of experience in proven hiring techniques for companies requiring sound advice. Let us help you navigate the “new normal” in recruiting!