Connecting Beyond the Resume: Why a Personal Touch Matters in Recruiting

Diversity Hands Recruitment Search Opportunity Concept

Technology is rapidly changing. How do we live and work in today’s fast-paced world? Many
industries, including recruiting, have been significantly impacted by automation and artificial
intelligence (AI) advances.

While these tools can undoubtedly streamline processes and improve efficiency, it’s important
not to lose sight of the importance of a personal touch in recruiting.

Now that we have so many technological options, it’s important to remember that hiring is as much about the people as the process.

Recruiting is ultimately about building relationships with candidates, understanding their skills
and experience, and finding the best fit for both the candidate and the company.

A personal touch can make all the difference in establishing trust, building rapport, and creating
a positive candidate experience.

So why is having a personal touch in recruiting so important? There are several reasons:

It Creates a Positive Candidate Experience

The recruiting process can be stressful for job seekers, especially if they are going through
multiple interviews and waiting to hear back from potential employers.

By creating a personal connection with job seekers, employers can help alleviate some of that
stress and create a positive candidate experience.

This can go a long way in building a positive reputation for the company and even attracting top
talent in the future.

It Shows That The Company Cares

When employers take the time to understand a job seeker’s needs and career goals, it shows
that they care about more than just filling a position.

It shows that they are invested in the job seeker’s future and are willing to help them grow and
develop in their career.

This can be a powerful motivator for job seekers, who are more likely to be engaged and loyal
to a company that invests in them.

It Improves Retention Rates

When employers take the time to create a personal connection with job seekers, it can lead to
better retention rates in the long run.

Employees who feel connected to their employer and feel that their needs and career goals are
being met are likelier to stay with the company long-term.

Recruitment methods with some of the best retention rates rely on company members establishing a personal connection with candidates.

In the long run, this can save employers time and money, as they won’t have to continually
recruit and train new employees.

Incorporating a Personal Touch with AI: Exploring the Possibilities

One company that understands the importance of a personal touch in recruiting is Jobilla, a
Finnish HR-tech start-up that leverages AI to enhance recruitment. Jobilla’s platform combines
automation with human interaction to create a personalized experience for both recruiters and

So, how does Jobilla use AI to bring a personal touch to recruiting? Let’s take a closer look.

The Perfect Match

First, Jobilla uses AI to match candidates with job opportunities that best fit their skills and

Jobilla’s algorithm considers factors such as education, work experience, and language skills to
identify the most suitable job opportunities for each candidate. This helps to streamline the job
search process for both the recruiter and the candidate.

Automation of Tedious Tasks

Jobilla also uses AI technology to automate many of the more tedious aspects of the recruiting
process, such as scheduling interviews and sending follow-up emails.

This frees up time for employers and hiring managers to focus on creating a more personal
connection with job seekers.

Chatbot Features

One of the key features of Jobilla is its chatbot, which uses AI technology to communicate with
job seekers in a more personalized way.

The chatbot can answer questions about the company and the position and can even provide
feedback on job seekers’ resumes and cover letters.

This creates a more interactive and personalized experience for job seekers, helping to build a stronger connection between them and the employer.

Video Interviews

Another way that Jobilla creates a more personalized recruiting experience is by offering a
video interviewing feature. This allows employers to understand better who the job seeker is as
a person beyond what is on their resume.

Video interviews can also be a more convenient option for job seekers who may not be able to
attend an in-person interview.

AI and recruiting firms can work together to create a more personalized recruiting experience
by leveraging the strengths of each. AI can help automate tedious tasks, such as resume
screening and scheduling interviews, freeing up recruiters’ time to focus on building
relationships with candidates.

Additionally, AI can assist in analyzing large amounts of data to identify patterns in candidate
behavior and preferences, allowing recruiters to tailor their approach to each candidate.

Recruiting firms can provide the human touch by building personal connections with
candidates, understanding their goals and motivations and providing guidance throughout the
recruitment process. By combining the efficiency of AI with the personal touch of recruiting
firms, organizations can create a more effective and satisfying recruiting experience for both
candidates and recruiters.

At Recruiting Concepts, we put much of our success as a recruitment agency down to the
relationships we’re able to build with people. So, it’s great to see a candidate we’ve placed
come back to us for hiring advice as a client.

Whether sending a good luck card to someone on their first day in their new job or a thoughtful
present to congratulate your new office, these small gestures help people remember us; and
show that we care about them personally and professionally.

Want to learn more about how AI and Jobilla can help with your recruitment needs? Let’s chat!